5. Annex: Header Template

The following example describes an ozone monitoring time series from the TOAR V1 database and has been adapted to the new metadata format of TOAR V2. If you use this template to prepare your own data, please adapt or remove all information that does not apply to your time series. A suitable file name for the example below would be o3_CO001_200001-200012.dat. Send the data as well as the license and data privacy information to toar-data@fz-juelich.de.

You can download the file data_submission_template.txt.

In addition, please provide license and data privacy information, the template is available at https://toar-data.fz-juelich.de/documentation/DataPublicationQuestionnaire.docx.

##Station description, see :numref:`table-metadata-elements` (comment line - please delete)
station_id: CO001
station_name: Gobernación de Caldas
station_country: Colombia
station_state: Caldas
station_lon: -75.5170
station_lat: 5.0684
station_alt: 2125
station_type: traffic
station_type_of_area: urban
timeshift_from_utc: -5

dataset_pi_name: Norbert Nobody
dataset_pi_email: n.nobody@nowhere.edu
dataset_pi_phone: +49 2461 6196870
dataset_pi_orcid: 0000-0000-0000-0000
dataset_pi_isprivate: false
dataset_pi_organisation_name: NU
dataset_pi_organisation_longname: Nowhere University
dataset_pi_organisation_country: somecountry

dataset_contributor_name: Norbert Nobody
dataset_contributor_email: n.nobody@nowhere.edu
dataset_contributor_organisation_name: NU
dataset_contributor_organisation_longname: Nowhere University

dataset_collaborator_organisation_name: collaboration company

dataset_pointofcontact_name: Norbert Nobody
dataset_pointofcontact_email: n.nobody@nowhere.edu

sampling_height: 15.
time_reporting: begin_of_interval
original_units: ppb
data_origin: Instrument
measurement_programme_name: EMEP
measurement_programme_longname: European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
measurement_programme_homepage: https://emep.int/
measurement_programme_description: a scientifically based and policy driven programme under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP) for international co-operation to solve transboundary air pollution problems

##additional metadata, see :numref:`table-additional-metadata-key-names` (comment line – please delete)
sampling_type: continuous
calibration_type: manual
calibration_frequency: 3 months
calibration_description: Multipoint calibration each three months approximately with accredited laboratory (Claire), Zero Point Calibration with purified air (external scrubber of silica gel, internal ozono scrubber of manganese dioxide), Span point with gas generator (IZS-Span reference at 150ppb) (Note: this should be formatted without line breaks in a real data file)
absorption_cross_section: Hearn1961
comments: This is only a template for a file header of a data file as it should be submitted to the TOAR data centre for inclusion in the TOAR database. If we see this comment in your data file, we will ask you if you are sure about the quality of your metadata.

##Data section, see Table 4 (comment line – please delete)
time, o3, flag
2000-01-01 00:00, 15.24, 0
2000-01-01 01:00, 18.92, 0