3. Services basics

3.1. Query arguments

In order to control the database queries and hence the response of the TOAR analysis REST service, you can add arguments to the service URL. These arguments must adhere to the format <argument_name>=<value>. The first argument is prepended by a ? character, all other arguments are separated by & characters.

3.2. Response format

The response can be either synchronous or asynchronous. If the response is synchronous you will receive the requested result directly. If the response is asynchronous you will not get your requested result but instead a unique task identifier for your request. This id can be used to check the status of your request. When your result is ready the id will redirect you to the requested result. This type of approach is chosen for queries that are expected to take more time to process.

3.3. Description of services

The following pages will guide you through some services of the FastAPI and grant you access to the hourly data of the TOAR database.