The IGAC-sponsored Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR) is generating global metrics for assessing the impact of tropospheric ozone on climate change, human health and crop/ecosystems. New analyses of the present-day ozone distribution, its decadal variability and long-term trends will be published in a special issue of Atmospheric Environment in spring 2017.
Besides this written assessment, which presents the first comprehensive review of tropospheric ozone globally, a major goal of TOAR is the provision of easily accessible data sets for research on ozone impacts and for the evaluation of global and regional chemistry climate and air quality models. This site constitutes the central portal to TOAR data.
21 October 2016: FINAL and extended ozone metrics datasets from TOAR surface stations database including trend statistics and aggregated files made available. These files are password-protected until submission of the TOAR report chapters (expected for March 2017).
Surface data:
Free tropospheric data:
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